Input Type Sandbox

Test onscreen keyboards, input types, patterns and attributes.

So…what is this site?

The lowly form input type: it's been a part of the HTML spec for years, but before HTML5, most developers rarely gave it a second thought. As the use of smartphones (and their onscreen keyboards) has flourished, however, the input type has taken on a new and incredibly important role in how people interact with the web…and it's chock-full of browser and device inconsistencies and pitfalls.

What we needed was a way to test the near-infinite combination of input types, validation patterns and attributes across any device, OS or browser, to see how onscreen keyboards and HTML5 validation behaviors would react.

That's why we built the Input Type Sandbox. It's proven to be a useful tool for us and our clients on multiple occasions, and we hope you'll find value in it, too. We'll be adding more features and validation patterns over time, so if you'd like to contribute, email us or fork the project on GitHub.

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